Hi, there. I’m Elyse, an independent web designer & developer based in Ottawa, Canada.  I guide clients through the full spectrum of concept, design, and development to deliver impactful, beautiful, and effective websites. I bring more than 13 years of experience in communications at both the strategic and implementation level, including brand development, communications management, marketing, design, copywriting, and web development.

I love working with people and organizations who love what they do and want to do it very well – especially small businesses that want to expand online and into e-commerce; and those working to improve mental health, education, and the lives of women and youth.

I am an advocate for mental health, a youth mentor, and co-founder of Pine River Institute and Pine River Foundation. I am values-driven, and passionate about excellence, gumption, kindness, trying, and finding other ways up the mountain.  If you’re looking for web design or development, I’d love to hear from you.